The Russell School

Welcome to Year 4 

Curriculum Information - Summer Term 2021




Teacher: Ms Pater

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Emms (T, Th, Fr) Mrs Caterer (PPA Cover, Fr am )


  • PE lessons take place on  Mondays and Thursdays
  • Homework is set every Friday
  • Spelling test takes place on Wednesdays

Trips/Special Events

  • The alternative to the Shortenings trip will take place at school – date TBC.  Due to Covid estrictions we can’t go away for a Y4 residential, overnight trip, however the event organiser will deliver the activities on our school grounds!

Curriculum Overview


  • Reading Comprehension: VIPERS skills (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explain, Summarise)
  • Spellings: 'ture' endings, homophones, possessive apostrophes
  • Spelling and grammar: Extending sentences, subordinate clauses, determiners, noun phrases, verbs-perfect form

English Units

  • Poetry ‘From The Railway Carriage’
  • Quest/ adventure ‘The Raft’
  • Non-chronological Report ‘Teachers’
  • Persuasion ‘Should Playstations be in school?’
  • Traditional  stories ‘ The King of the Horses’


  • Money, time, coordinates, types and properties of triangles, angles, symmetry,
  • Multiply two and three digit numbers by a one digit number using a formal written layout
  • Divide two and three digit numbers by a one-digit number using a formal written layout
  • Cracking Times Tables and rapid multiplication recall


  • Classification and Habitats
  • Building Bridges, Famous Scientists – revision of Year 4 science topics


  • Relationships , Individual Liberty

Outdoor Learning

  • What it was like to be a settler?
  • Find geometric patterns around school
  • Music from the rain
  • Using fire pit to toast bread/pitta
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Linked to PSHE and RE 'belonging'


  • Vikings :  Who were the Vikings  and how did they influence Britain?
  • Settlements including Mega Cities


  • Performing music – famous marches


  • Moomin Art by Tove Janssson
  • Viking  Jewellery
  • Weaving


  • Food
  • Colours


  • Sacred texts


  • Netball, cricket, tennis, athletics     


  • Programming


  • Homework set every Friday – all information provided on Google Classroom