The Russell School


Welcome to Year 3

Curriculum Information for:  YEAR THREE

Summer Term 2021



Teacher:                   Mrs Southworth

Teaching Assistant: Miss Brown

PPA Teacher:          Mrs Caterer


·       PE lessons take place on Tuesday and Wednesday

·       Library sessions are on Tuesday

·       Reading books are changed (Twice a week when appropriate) Wednesday and Friday (Books are

        quarantined before being sent home or changed.)

·       Outdoor learning (To be advised.)


·       New Spellings:                        Wednesday sent home on for test following Monday

·       MyMaths:                                Friday  (Completed by the following Friday.)

·                               Friday   (Completed by the following Friday.)

·       Comporehension:                   Friday   (Completed and returned by the following Friday.)             

                                                          (Cracking Times Tables or Problem solving tests:      Monday)


Trips/Special Events

·       Sport events

·       Visitors                 COVID restricted Summer 2021

·       Trips

Curriculum Overview



Talk 4 Writing Units of Work:-  Narrative             Adventure Writing (The Door)

                                                     Narrative             Stories which Raise Issues. (Lazy Jack)

                                                     Non-Fiction        Chronological Report (Healthy Eating)

                                                     Non Fiction        Persuasion (Café Continental)

                                                     Poetry                   Animal Poems


- Revise/practise /apply

- Previously taught suffixes (‘-ed’, ‘-ing’, ‘-s’, ‘-es’, -ness’, ‘-ful’, ‘-less’ and ‘-ly’)

- From Year 2: Apostrophes for contractions

- From Years 1 and 2: vowel digraphs                     

- Suffix ‘-ly’ with root words ending in ‘le’ and ‘ic’

- Homophones (including heel/heal/he’ll, plain/plane, groan/grown and rain/rein/ reign)

- strategies for proofreading

- Words from statutory and personal spelling lists



Multiplication, Division and Fractions Problem Solving

Division-– Long Division – Two and Three-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers including Halving

Time – Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Days, Weeks, Months, Years– Telling the Time (Analogue and Digital) and Estimation– Duration

Securing the Four Operations with Whole Number including Problem Solving

Place Value and Decimals– Ten Times Greater and Ten Times Smaller– Regrouping – Estimation, Comparing and Rounding

Measures – Measuring and Problem Solving

3-D Shape – Building and Identifying Properties



Theme:  Light and Shadows

Key Question: Why do the size and shape of shadows change?

Theme:  The Nappy Challenge

Key Question: Should disposable nappies be banned?



Key Question: What helps us to have positive relationships?


Changing Me:

Key Question:            How do babies grow?

Outdoor Learning

To compliment teaching for English, Maths, Science and Foundation Subjects.


Topic: Ancient Egyptians    

Key Question: What did Howard Carter find in Egypt?


Topic: Deserts           

Key Question: Can you live in the desert? 


Topic: Egyptian Music

            Key Question: Can I identify the theme in the song?


Topic: Reflect, Rewind, Replay      


This Unit of Work consolidates the learning that has occurred during the year. All the learning is focused on revisiting songs and musical activities, a context for the History of Music and the beginnings of the Language of Music.


Theme:  Egyptian Art and Artefacts          

Key Question: What can I discover about Egyptian cultural artefacts?


Theme:  Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh  

Key Question: What media and techniques can you use to recreate Van Gogh’s paintings?


Topic: La Famile (Intermediate Language)


Topic: At the Café / Father’s Day* (Intermediate Language)


Topic:   Rules and how they influence actions 

Key Questions: How do rules influence our lives?


Topic:  Special places and sacred spaces including those for Christians and Muslims

Key Questions:  What meaning and significance are attached to special places and sacred spaces?


Topic: Throwing and Catching (fielding)   Scheme Sport – Cricket

                                                                       Non Scheme Sport – Rounders

Topic: Cool Core (Strength)

Sport’s Day


Data and Information           – Chocolate Factory

Communication and eSafety – Superheroes