The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind

House Teams 

The school operates a ‘House’ system. The children are arranged in three different house groups: CHESS (red), COLNE (yellow) and GADE (blue). Children are awarded House points for effort, good behaviour, attitude, quality of work, presentation, kindness and consideration for others and care for the environment etc. Children are always told why they have been awarded the points to reinforce the positive behaviour recognised. 

The House system aims to:

  • Encourage good behaviour;

  • Encourage higher standards of work and effort;

  • Encourage an element of healthy competition; 

  • Encourage a sense of teamwork and responsibility.

Our House Captains for this academic year are:

Gade - Sammy and Emilia   


Chess - Seth and Esme

Colne - Samuel and Lauren