The Russell School

Forward Fund

Our pupils benefit from an innovative and stimulating curriculum, dedicated staff and a strongly supportive community. We continually strive to further enhance and improve the high standards of provision for our pupils, with inspirational learning opportunities, enabling all pupils to reach their full potential.

Our school budget continues to be placed under considerable pressure in the current financial climate and government/local authority funding alone will not allow us to do all that we would like. As a result of this, schools are increasingly seeking additional financial support from parents and other supporters.

For this reason, the Forward Fund has been established. This is a registered charity to which we encourage parents and other supporters of the School to make voluntary donations.

Since the creation of the Forward Fund in 2017, our pupils have benefited from:

  • An outdoor learning classroom and equipment
  • Coding workshops
  • Specialist music provision
  • Art therapy
  • A sensory room
  • New PSHE scheme of work
  • Reading books

This year, we hope to use donations to fund additional hours for existing support staff in the classrooms and reading materials for class book corners.

If you would like to make a one off donation to the Forward Fund or set up a regular standing order, please visit

For payments by cheque please make cheques payable to ‘The Russell School Forward Fund’.