The Russell School

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Class Representatives 

Class Reps help to build a sense of community amongst the parents in their class and are an important link between parents and the Parents’ Association. Class Reps are invited to attend PA Committee meetings to generate increased support for PA initiatives and share information with other parents.

Responsibilities of the Class Reps include:

Supporting fundraising:

  • Organise class stalls for the Christmas and summer fairs.
  • Coordinate class contributions to other PA events.
  • Encourage class members to attend and donate to other fundraising and social events, eg quiz nights, fireworks, PA Ball.

Supporting the class social network:

  • Welcome new families to The Russell School and introducing them to other parents in the class.
  • Arrange opportunities for parents to socialise together throughout the year.

Liaising with the class teacher:

  • Maintain contact with the class teacher to help organise materials for projects, costumes etc.
  • Collect donations for Christmas/end-of-year gifts.

Your class reps will do their best to help class members, but if you have a question or problem related to teaching and learning or your child’s schooling, please contact your class teacher or phase leader.

Please note that your class rep’s role does not extend to resolving academic issues or concerns about individual children.

If you do not know who your class reps are, please ask your child’s teacher.