The Russell School


On behalf of myself, our pupils, staff and governors, I would like to welcome you to The Russell School.  We seek to offer an outstanding education through the provision of the most distinctive, forward thinking and outward-looking environment, where diversity is celebrated.

We encourage the development of creative, problem-solving individuals with tenacity, kindness and secure self-worth to enable them to be the best that they can be and have the resilience to adapt to the challenges of the ever-changing world.

We are a school in which each pupil’s unique talents are nurtured and developed, and where all pupils learn the confidence to embrace what they find hardest and join in with everything.  All pupils are encouraged to make contributions where their strengths lie, recognise the contributions of others and understand that they have much to offer each other. We are proud of the positive attitudes, strong engagement and commitment to learning that our pupils consistently demonstrate across all aspects of school life.

Our philosophy and ethos is built on mutual respect and firmly underpinned by our vision of 'Aiming High, Having Courage and Being Kind'.  We want each pupil to feel inspired by their learning at The Russell School and to be driven on by that inspiration to achieve more than they ever expected.

Please feel welcome to arrange a visit to give you further insight into life at The Russell School. 

With best wishes,

Mrs Claire Pitt

Head Teacher