The Russell School

Our Ethos and Values

Be KindAim HighHave Courage


Our ethos is underpinned by three core values that all members of the school community hold true to.  It represents our continued drive to raise standards of achievement, provide challenge for children of all abilities and promote resilience within a caring, kind and supportive environment in which every individual feels valued.


All members of the school community play a vital role in translating our ethos into an every day reality to provide the very best learning environment for each and every child. 

We believe that all of our pupils deserve to thrive and achieve their full academic potential through an education that:

  • Is distinctive and demanding;
  • Helps them enjoy life and participate in what the world has to offer them, and;
  • Nurtures curiosity and creativity and opens up opportunities for further learning and personal growth.

We aim to instill a lifelong love for learning and a strong grounding for future success, to develop resilient, independent, forward thinking learners.

Our vision encompasses three fundamental elements of a successful early education as well as working to develop well rounded individuals. 

Aim High

We endeavour to provide academic excellence through aspirational teaching which draws on the individual talents and interests of our pupils. Passion for learning is fostered through the promotion of independence, creativity and collaboration. Our pupils respond to the high expectations we set for them and embrace the opportunities given to them to challenge themselves.

Have Courage

We celebrate perseverance and resilience, empowering our pupils to welcome challenge and learn from their mistakes. Children are encouraged to take ownership of, and responsibility for, their learning so they develop the confidence and curiosity to ask questions, and develop a growth mindset to solve and overcome problems.

Be Kind

Relationships are built upon an ethos of respect, honesty and trust to create an inclusive school in which everyone can flourish. We instill the values and principles necessary to develop responsible and compassionate citizens of the world, teaching children the virtues of kindness and appreciation as well as the importance of having a strong moral understanding.

We foster respect for diversity, recognising each other as individuals and welcoming and celebrating our differences.


At The Russell School we are proud of our children's positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning. Our staff encourage creativity and build on individual strengths to ensure that all children make outstanding progress and flourish to their full potential.

Innovative and reflective teaching provides inspiration and challenge for all children. A strong ethos of happiness and well - being underpins the curriculum and creates a safe and secure learning environment, grounded in supportive structures and relationships. This enables our pupils to develop confidence in their own capacity to face the challenges of the wider world and to become life long learners.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional behaviour and high achievement of all our pupils and we value the strong links we have with our families and local community. We facilitate the children's development into responsible citizens and instill a secure understanding of British Values. We also place a strong emphasis on teaching children the importance of looking after our world.